Got a question? Please check below, I've tried to cover off everything. Please do reach out via the contact form/Insta DMs if I've not covered something you'd like to know.

Product dimensions:
All of my products are handmade to order and therefore vary in size & shape.

Face wipes are approx. 3.5" sq-ish.
Posh Flannels are approx. 7.5" sq-ish.
Unpaper Towels are approx. 7.5" sq-ish.

What can I use the wipes & Posh Flannels for?
You can use them for pretty much anything you would normally you'd use disposable wipes or cotton wool for.

Think face masks, cleansing, toning, makeup removal & hylauronic acids. Most customers say they acutally use less product when using my reusables.

I ran a whole Alternate use series on Instagram a while back (they are in my stories) But here is a handful of alternate uses:
• Chill in fridge & use to ease itchy hayfever eyes.
• Wet with cold water & hey presto its a cold compress for kids/headaches.
• A wipe tucked in the middle of your bra helps to stop chafing in the heat!
• Apparently they make taps SUPER SHINY!
• Posh Flannels make a very effective & pretty hanky for dealing with hot flushes.

What side of the wipe/Posh Flannel do I use?
I mean, it's your wipe... you can use it however you want but I advise using the super-soft towelling side.

Why might I not get exact wipes in the picture?
I say that my mixed sets are mixed at random and may differ from the image because I sometimes use offcuts, remnants and deadstock.

When will my order arrive?
I make to order and my lead times grow and reduce inline with my order books. I try really hard to work to 1-2 week leadtime, but in busy times this may need to extend  3-6 weeks turnaround. 

I post all my orders 2nd Class Standard via Royal Mail. 

I need my order in a hurry, can you do that?
I'll always do my very best to accomdate last minute pressies & occasions. Please pop the date you need your order for in "Order Notes".

If would like confirmation before ordering/to discuss postage options please drop me an email via the contact form.

How will my order come?
I pack all orders enclosed in white tissue paper, bound with a sticker & I include a little thank you note.

Can you pack my order without excess packaging?
Absolutely, yes! Please just write "Zero Waste" in your order notes and I'll keep your packaging to the bare minimum.

Can you gift wrap my order?
If you are posting direct, I can handwrite a note to your loved one. I'm working on a new gift wrapped option, so do bear with me on this.

Can I order bespoke?
Yes! Absolutely, drop me a line and I'll go off in search of whatever you'd like. I made a lovely set of Posh Flannels for a Hen Party once.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes! Please drop me a line and I'll make you a bespoke order, all postage is based on weight and to ensure you are not overcharged this is the most cost effective way to do this. 

I use Royal Mail and will post Tracked & Signed for wherever possible.

I have sensitive skin, can I use your wipes & Posh Flannels?
Absolutely, they've been called hugs for your face and some people who have undergone chemo have said my wipes/Posh Flannels were the only thing they could bear on their skin during the treatment. If you are really unsure, please drop me a line and I'll organise to send you out at test wipe for you to try.

How do I care for your wipes and Posh Flannels?
Resuable face wipes & Posh Flannels are machine washable up to 40 degrees c, wash with like colours. I don't advise using fabric conditioner.

*To keep your wipes in tip-top condition, please give them a quick scrub with soap to remove any residue, rinse & leave to air dry before using again and washing at the end of the week.

Click here to see how I use mine.

How do I care for the Unpaper Towels?
Resuable face wipes & Posh Flannels are machine washable up to 40 degrees c, wash with like colours. I don't advise using fabric conditioner.

How long will my wipes last?
This is harder to answer as it depends on how they are used & cared for but your wipes should last for up to 3 years.

What are your wipes made of?
My face wipes and Posh Flannels are made of a super-soft bamboo, polyester & cotton blend towelling, backed with 100% cotton.

My Unpaper Towels are made of 100% cotton towelling, backed with reclaimed fabrics.

I use polyester thread.

Why do your wipes contain polyester? 
I'm super concious of my impact on the environment in everything I produce. I found this supersoft towelling before we all fully understood the effects of microplastics. I have super sensitive skin and so far this is the only towelling my skin and eye area will tolerate.

I don't have a huge warehouse to store several different materials to offer a huge range of wipes. Please know I'm always on the lookout for greener towelling and always testing  alternatives.

If you'd like to minimise microplastics entering our waterways I suggest using a Guppy Bag or a Cora Ball when washing any fabric including any polyesters.

I believe that reusables, in all guises are always a better option than single/use disposable. I also understand that everyone's eco journey looks a little different. 

What should I do with them when they come to the end of their life?
I don't currently offer a take back service (see above, no warehouse!). But you can recycle the whole wipe at your nearest fabric recycling point.

Do you recycle any of your offcuts?
I work hard not to have too many offcuts by making other items and as I've got better at sewing I've change my templates to further reduce wastage, but all the super small offcuts I have are responsibly & professionally recycled.